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Soft-Red Winter Wheat Management Guide

Managing Your Way To Higher Profits

Soft-Red Winter Wheat Management Guide Cover

Our Soft-Red Winter Wheat Management Guide is written to help producers, agronomists and dealers within the soft-red winter wheat production region of the eastern US and south east Canada.

This professionally published, practical guide has 120 pages and includes 330 color photos, graphs and tables. It is written to walk growers step by step all the way through the wheat growing season, from variety selection, to seed treatments and seeding technologies, all the way through to nitrogen management and fungicide applications. It is written to help growers scout their fields and help them understand what they need to be looking for during the specific wheat growth stages, and how to make the most economic decisions. The glossy color guide also covers insect management, weed control and growth regulators, in addition to numerous other management strategies to protect yields and profits.

Martin Closing System Modifications Nice Wheat Field Nice Wheat Closeup Subjects include:
  • Preparation for High Wheat Yields
    • Stacking the Deck In Your Favor
    • Strengthening The Chain For Higher Yields
    • Equipment Selection For High Yields
    • Previous Crop Management
  • Seeding And Establishment Strategies
    • Building Yields From The Seed Up
    • Field Uniformity Boosts Yields & Profits
    • Wheat Row Spacing
    • Planting Depth
    • Preparing The Field For Planting
    • No-Till Wheat
    • Different Drills Compared
    • Disc Diameter & Cutting Performance
    • John Deere Drill/Air-Seeder Maintenance
    • No-Tilling Into Heavy Residue - Single Disc Seeders
    • Pressing Seeds Into Moisture (John Deere Openers)
  • Nutrient Management
    • Soil Testing
    • Soil pH & Liming
    • Wheat Nutrient Requirements
    • Phosphorus Application
    • Potassium Application
  • Seed, Planting Dates & Early Management
    • Seed Quality
    • Seed Quality & Seed Treatments
    • Wheat Planting Dates & Seeding Rates
  • Nitrogen Management
    • Nitrogen Application - The Basics
    • Urea vs. Liquid Nitrogen
    • Liquid Nitrogen Application Methods
    • Timing Nitrogen Applications
  • Disease Management
    • Fungicide Application Technologies
    • Fungicide Timing
    • Spray Nozzle Technology For Fungicides
    • Leaf Diseases
  • Tramlines
    • Tramlines and Controlled Traffic

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