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Wheat Management

Fusarium Head Scab Suppression in Wheat.

Fusarium Head Scab (Scab, Fusarium Head Blight or FHB as it’s also known) is a late season disease which causes wheat and barley kernels to shrivel up and become pink or white in color. Grain yields and grain quality are reduced and in addition, the fusarium fungus often causes mycotoxins (DON) which further reduce the quality and price per bushel at the grain elevator

This 12 minute video outlines the disease and most of the control strategies to help growers protect their yields and grain quality.

Reducing Lodging by Needham Ag

This video explains how lodging is often caused and the management steps to reduce or eliminate the problem.

Wheat Crop Evaluation At Jointing Stage

Farm Journal Wheat.

Wheat School: The Impact of Seeding Depth & Nitrogen Application

Phil Needham of Needham Ag Technologies gives viewers some insight into the impact seeding depth and nitrogen application can have on winter wheat stands.

100 bushels and beyond in Saskatchewan. Needham Ag Technologies, LLC.

Post Applying Liquid Nitrogen To Winter and Spring Wheat - Using Chafer Stream Bars

Our new 8 minute video discusses the benefits of liquid nitrogen applications to winter wheat and spring wheat using Chafer stream bars.

Setting Up Seeding Equipment

Wheat School - Seed Drills - A Comparison

Phil Needham gives viewers a look at the good and bad of three different seed drills.

Wheat School East - Calibrating Your Box Drill With Rubber And Basic Math

Phil Needham offers a quick tip to help calibrate your seed drill.

How Does Disc Wheel Diameter Impact Seeding? visits Phil Needham of Needham Ag Technologies to talk about factors that impact seeding depth.

Wheat School - Frame Weight & Packing Pressure on the Case IH 500T Drill

Phil Needham reviews the CASE 500T single disc seeder and talks about the issue of weight distribution.

Phil's Drills - A Close Up Look at the CASE 500

Phil Needham takes a very close look at the CASE 500 series seeder as he stacks it up against others in it's class.

Needham Ag - New Closing System For Case IH Precision Disk 500 and 500T

A 6 minute video which outlines our new closing systems to improve the slot closure with Case IH Precision Disk 500 & 500T and New Holland 2080 & 2085. Select a lower quality if it takes too long to load.

Residue Management

Residue Management - With Claas Lexion 570 combine

Wheat School - Phil Needham on Residue Management

Phil Needham of Needham Ag Technologies talks residue management.

Wheat School - Residue Management Is Key In Uniform Emergence

Phil Needham of Needham Ag Technologies talks to viewers about the importance of residue management off the combine.

Wheat Yield Expert Talks Residue Management

High-yield wheat expert Phil Needham talks residue management at the inaugural hands-on Wheat College in McPherson, Kan.

Needham Ag Drill and Air-Seeder Modifications

Needham Ag - Rebuilding a John Deere single disk opener

Needham Ag - 3 x 16" Urethane Narrow Gauge Wheel Tires

We now offer 3" urethane narrow gauge wheel tires. Research and field testing has confirmed they will last many times longer than factory or after-market rubber tires. Were confident enough in the material that we offer a 3 year warranty on the OD of the tire.

Needham Ag - Bonilla Seed Tabs For John Deere single disc drills and air-seeders

This video outlines how the Bonilla seed tab works and why it performs better than competitive seed tabs.

Needham Ag - When to replace the seed boots on John Deere drills and air-seeders

A brief video to explain the features and benefits of the patented Needham Ag Seed Boot Bushings. The video outlines installation of the 50 series bushings, but 60 and 90 series install in a similar fashion.

Needham Ag Closing Systems For John Deere and Case IH Drills and Air Seeders

Needham Ag Seed Tubes

Needham Ag - Seed Boots on John Deere Single Disk Opener

Needham Ag - Closing And Firming Wheel Arm Bushings For John Deere Single Disk Opener

Needham Ag - John Deere 750 Drill

A short video on what to look for, regarding frames, rockshafts, drives and seed cups. Specifically what to look for if you are buying or maintaining a 50 series drill such as a 15' or 20' John Deere 750.

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