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Technical Seminars

Phil Needham conducts around 60 field days, seminars, and presentations on wheat management, seeding equipment and residue management around the world each year. These are mainly hosted by seed, fertilizer, chemical or equipment dealers, agronomy groups, soil conservation districts, no-till organizations, universities and equipment manufacturers. Phil also provides agronomy services for Farm Journal Magazine, and these include, presenting at Farm Journal Wheat College seminars and field days, the national Production College TV series (currently hosted by RFD-TV) and columns on wheat management within Farm Journal Magazine and the AgWeb website. Needham Ag can also provide handouts and other training materials as required.

Phil Needham is awarded the "Outstanding Presentation Award" at the 2009 National No-Till Conference in Indianapolis, an award he has won at least 3 times over the years at this annual conference.

Most of Phil’s presentations are very practical and hands-on, especially the field days. Here Phil is seen presenting to a group of farmers at a CANFA field day in Wellington, Australia. He discussed methods to improve stands in higher residue no-till conditions at this event.

Phil offers pre-season wheat management seminars for growers. These are often hosted 1-2 months ahead of planting and are designed to help walk a grower through all of the required steps to help them create the best yield potential from the very start. These steps often include: Residue management, seeding equipment, seed quality, seeding rates, seed treatments, varieties, soil sampling methods, fertility strategies and how to make population assessments to quantify seeding system performance.

Phil works directly with high-yield producers around the world each year, helping them take their wheat yields and profits to the next level. Here Phil is seen standing in a field of wheat in England which exceeded 225 bu/ac


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