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Heavy Duty 14 Finger Wheels To Fit Yetter Row Cleaner

Needham Ag Technologies, LLC. now offers heavy duty replacement wheels to install on Yetter Row Cleaners and they offer the following benefits:

Thicker Material. Needham Ag 14 finger wheels measure 5/16” in thickness (compared to the ¼” thickness of the OEM 14 finger wheels).

Long Life and Excellent Durability. While our new wheels are the same diameter as OEM wheels, they will extend service life significantly. Our new wheels are made from heat treated T-1 material (military armor steel) which almost eliminates the finger breaking problems frequently reported by Yetter row cleaner owners, plus they are priced competitively.

Move Less Soil. Our new 14 finger wheels have been found to move less soil than the OEM 16 finger version, which is very important when working in rolling terrain to prevent trenching and erosion down the slopes.

Built By Martin. The new 14 finger wheels are manufactured to Needham Ag Technology, LLC. specifications by Martin Industries.

Easy Installation. The 14 finger wheels allow simple installation on all Yetter hubs with cap mounted grease fittings.

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