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New Smooth Internal Rubber
Seed Tubes For Box Drills

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The Problem.

Seed tubes

Radish seeds hanging in a factory seed tube angled at only 30 degrees from vertical.

Seed tubes

Most seed tubes on the market drop seeds evenly if the tubes remain almost vertical in operation. However, as you drive up or down slopes, especially when seeding lighter seeds such as radish or grass seeds, seeds often hang in the corrugations of the seed tubes. Often these seeds fall out in clumps when the seed tube straightens back out or when enough vibration shakes the seeds loose, resulting in inconsistent seed placement down the rows.

The Solution

Seed tubes

Cross-section of a stretched seed tube, showing the folds.

We have been able to source a new design of rubber seed tube to help improve seed flow, especially when seeding smaller seeds, such as cover crops or when seeding on rolling ground (or both). These new seed tubes are made from natural rubber and provide excellent flexibility. They also incorporate internal folds above each corrugation, so as the seed tube stretches out, the folds direct the seeds away from the corrugations and help eliminate any seeds being held in the seed tube.

These seed tubes also incorporate a small amount of peroxide into their formulation, this has been found to be a safe and effective way of deterring rodents from damaging the seed tubes.

When installing these seed tubes, be sure to install them the correct way up, so the folds point downwards.

We have found these seed tubes fit most drills available on the market, click the link below to determine which tubes fit which drills (Seed tube dimensions are provided for brands or models not included within the link).

Seed tubes

Three Different Seed Tubes Are Available

Click here to download a PDF file to determine which seed tube is required for specific box drills

Seed tubes

Learn more about our seed tubes – watch our YouTube video below.

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