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Martin UMO Fertilizer Opener

The Martin UMO Fertilizer Opener allows producers to position liquid fertilizers (such as 28%, 30% or 32% nitrogen) close to the seed row, with consistent separation to avoid seedling injury. Crops such as no-till corn usually need additional nitrogen (especially in a cool-wet spring) than just a pop-up product in the row, so the Martin UMO opener will help maintain early plant health and yield, until side-dressed applications occur.

The Martin UMO Fertilizer opener mounts securely to the face plate of a planter and allows a producer to position liquids 1, 2 or 3” to the side of the seed row. It can also be set to place liquids ¾” above, even with, or ¾” below the seed. The Martin UMO opener places fertilizer at a consistent depth in the soil, not into trash or on the planter.

The Martin UMO Fertilizer opener comes standard with a hardened fertilizer boot which is spring loaded against the disc to keep the disc free of soil build up.

Martin UMO Fertilizer Opener
Martin UMO Fertilizer Opener Martin UMO Fertilizer Opener

See the Martin UMO-100 and Martin 1360 floating row cleaners in action, when no-tilling corn into a ryegrass cover crop with a Case 24 row 1260 planter

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