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Spoked Narrow Gauge Wheels With 3” Needham Ag Urethane Tire


The Problem

We don’t encourage growers to plant whole fields that aren't fit, but we do recognize growers often want to plant fields that are +/- 95% ready to go. If you can plant the whole field and get an acceptable stand within the remaining 5%, then your money ahead, compared to coming back to plant that small area. The common challenge with planting the wetter areas is mud accumulating inside the gauge wheels and causing them to drag, such as illustrated right.

Key Benefits

Spoked Narrow Gauge Wheels
Spoked Narrow Gauge Wheels

• Our Carlisle spoked narrow gauge wheel assembly comes ready to bolt on, with the Needham Ag long life 3” urethane tire. The OD of these tires are warrantied for three years following the purchase date (We are the only company we believe, to offer a gauge wheel tire warranty).

• Large open area to allow wet soil to escape out of the gauge wheel assembly, especially when seeding in wet clay soils.

• Strong ductile iron triple spoke center is held against the wheel halves with 9 bolts for excellent strength.

• Includes a bearing socket and the 5203 PEER® SeedXTreme long life bearing. This design eliminates the need for a separate hub and eliminates any play between the bearing and wheel halves over time.

• Fits all John Deere single disc drills and air-seeders, plus most other drills and planters which use 16” diameter gauge wheels, mounted with a 5/8” (or 16mm bolt).

• Uses existing mounting bolt.

For more information on the Carlisle Spoked Narrow Gauge Wheels With Urethane Tire, please watch the YouTube video below.

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